Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Name Four, Fore, For, 4 Things That You...

Yep, when in Rome, do as the French do. Err, something like that. Or how about when you see an interesting idea in someone else's blog, you steal it. Sara stole an idea for a blog topic, then Erica stole it, now it's my turn to be the blogburgler. Except, I am going to add a category of my own at the end...

Name 4 Bad Habits that you have:
1. Playing Diablo 2 too much.
2. Staying up past midnight playing Diablo 2.
3. Waiting to do my homework until the evening/morning before it's due because I was too busy playing Diablo 2.
4. Playing Diablo 2 too much.
5. Being repetitive.
6. Not being able to count.

Name 4 Things that you Wish you had:
1. The ability to fly.
2. A car that doesn't need gasoline to run, but rather is fueled by the dirt, bird excrement, insect guts, tree sap, and parking tickets that fall on it.
3. A portable TV that actually gets a channel other than the Channel 4 Static News. ("All Static, all the Time.")
4. A personal Chef so I never have to spend an agonizing 3 minutes standing over a hot stove meticulously cooking a package of Top Ramen. (A nuclear-powered water boiler would be great too)

Name 4 Scents that you Love:
1. Barbequed Anything.
2. Taco Bell grease.
3. Mountain Air. (As opposed to Urban Filth)
4. New Car Smell.

Name 4 Things that you would Never Wear
1. High Heels.
2. Armpit Hair Extensions.
3. Socks that go higher than my waist.
4. A Piano.

Name your 4 Favorite things to Do:
1. Play Diablo 2 and NBA Courtside 2002.
2. Play Basketball.
3. Watch TV.
4. Write/Read.

Name the Last 4 things you Bought
1. Gas (Because my 2nd wish hasn't come true yet)
2. Colored Pencils (For a homework assignment...You know, those advanced coloring assignments you get throughout college that test your intelligence, study skills, and your ability to connect the dots)
3. A Scantron (For my less advanced college classes which actually grade me by my performance on tests, not by my coloring skills. The nerve of some teachers...)
4. Spent $25 to have some kid in my class do my coloring assignment for me because I just didn't get it.

Name 4 things that you Drink regularly
1. Milk/Juice/V8
2. Water
3. Crystal Geyser Juice Squeeze (Any flavor)
4. Sierra Mist/Root Beer

Name 4 Things you are Thankful for:
1. My parents.
2. My church.
3. My friends.
4. My turtle, Floyd.

Name the Last 4 Things you Did
1. Went to School. (Geography and Speech)
2. Played Diablo 2.
3. Went to Work.
4. Blogged.

Sean's Special Category:

Name 3 Types of People that you Dislike:
1. People who are old enough to know the difference between words like "their, there, they're, were, we're, its, it's, etc..." but they still use them interchangeably whenever they feel like it.

2. "Creepers" - This is my own word for people who are driving and start to come up to a red light, but they stop 3-17 football fields away from the actual signal, and then "creep" up at half the pace of a Norwegian snail until they decide that they are close enough, at which point they stop. However, they are usually still far enough away from the car in front of them that you could fit an entire Olympic-sized swimming pool between them and still have enough room to do a historically accurate reinactment of the Civil War (1847-present).

3. "Ditzes" - This is a word I like to typically use for people who are so absent-minded that they only pay attention to what they are doing and nothing else. A good example of a Ditz is a girl (usually in her late teens to early 40s) who is driving while at the same time is talking on her cell phone, applying makeup, drinking her Crappacino La-Tee-Da, chewing gum, and being totally oblivious to her surroundings and what is going on outside her little bubble (i.e. The Rest of the World).

I could probably think up more than 3, but I try to focus on the more positive things in life. Like inventing my new Super Car fueled entirely by High Octane Crapoline. I'll get right on it. Right after I finish playing Diablo 2.

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