Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Some Silly Taco Bell Stories


So here we go!


I was taking orders at the second window, within earshot of Thaddus and a few other employees who were making the food. The customer wanted two separate orders, so I took both of the orders, repeated them back to ensure accuracy, and then said,

"It'll be $5.05 and $6.65 respectively at the second window."

The next thing I heard was the sound of Thaddus' jaw dropping as he exclaimed,

"Whoaaaaaa!!! Big word!!"

As I was saying the word "respectively", I was feeling proud that I used a word that added to the sentence so well, but I wasn't expecting any special reaction from anyone really. So the fact that Thaddus practically went into shock over hearing it made me feel like I had done something truly impressive, plus all of the employees who were nearby were amazed and in awe at my exemplary knowledge of the English language, probably because most of them only know a small handful of words in English (Break, Home, What, No, and to a lesser extent, Passport)

So my sarcastic response to Thaddus' remark was,

"I'm not an English major for nothin'!"

There's nothing quite like impressing someone with your extensive vocabulary only to follow up with a nice double negative. P-Dripple would be proud.


Customer: Do you have taco salads?
Me: Yes, we do.
Customer: Do they have lettuce in them?
Me: (Thinking to myself) Yes, hence the word "salad".
Me: (Aloud) Yes, they do.

Sometimes I wonder how much trouble I'd get in if people could see me while I'm taking their orders. I'm surprised my eyes don't roll right out of my head sometimes.

You Gotta Wonder...

A customer comes up to the drive-thru, gives his order, I take it and tell him to come to the first window. Naturally, he passes me and goes straight to the second window. One of the other employees over by the second window collects a $20 bill from the customer and brings it back to me, I make the change, and the employee brings it back to the second window only to find that the customer had left with his food already, minus his $8.01 in change. Hellllllooooo?!?

Too Much Information

Lady: (Orders some food for herself) ...and an order of nachos without cheese.
Me: Ok, so you just want a side of chips?
Lady: Yeah.

After I repeat her order and tell her what her total is, she drives up to my window, greets me, and says,

"The chips are for my dog."

I look at her, try my best to act mildly fascinated with this totally unnecessary piece of information she has just given me, and wonder who in their right mind would feed their dog tortilla chips from a fast food restaurant when you could just eat the dog and kill (pun intended) two hunger problems with one stone.

Too Much Information, Part Deux

A week or two ago, I stuck my head out of the drive-thru window and saw a moving truck illegally parked in about 4 parking spaces outside of the store. On the side of the truck was written the name of the business:

"Dungs Moving"

Needless to say, I was glad to hear it. I don't like being constipated either.

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