Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hypothetical Question

I cannot believe all the illegal immigration ruckus going on now - illegals demanding rights they are not entitled to - upset that they don't get the same benefits and privileges as U.S. citizens do, when U.S. citizens would be laughed at if they tried to do the same thing in Mexico as what illegal immigrants are doing here right now.

And we'd be lucky to just get laughed at if we tried this kind of stuff in Mexico - we'd be lucky to evade being locked in prison.

Illegals are trying to get the Star Spangled Banner to be sung in Spanish, they are trying to get free amnesty so they don't have to make a genuine effort to go through the legal process of becoming a U.S. citizen, and they expect the U.S. to cater to their every demand, as if our denying their "right" to have a political voice is an infringment on the entire race of Mexicans. And they actually have the guile to march in our streets, waving the Mexican flag, insisting that we give in to their demands.

You are illegal. You do not have a political voice in our country. Go back to your own country and exercise your rights and your political voice there, and reform Mexico so you can actually be proud to live in your country, and not have to sneak off and expect the U.S. to babysit you while you live off of our tax money, crowd our freeways, schools, and emergency rooms, and expect a mint on your pillow too.

Boy, do I feel better after that rant.

So my question is...

How long will it be until illegal immigrants demand that the U.S. start accepting pesos and other Mexican currency as legal tender?

I thought of this during work today. After witnessing all the absurd political madness currently going on with the illegal immigrant infestation and the subsequent demanding of rights, and the fact that there are actually people in the U.S. sympathetic to their asinine requests, from the liberal media to politicians to who knows who else, and since the state or federal government doesn't seem to be doing much of anything to stop any of this, I would not be a bit surprised.

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