Friday, June 16, 2006

How To Answer A Phone

I enjoy doing this at work when someone calls my phone. I work at Home Depot as a cashier, and each cashier station has its own phone. So I entertain myself by answering the phone with strange greetings intended to throw the person who is calling me off, such as "Ahoy ahoy", "Hi, may I take your order?", and so on.

Another such greeting I have been known to do in the past is to answer the phone and pretend to be answering the phone for another place of business. I have grown fond of one of these types of greetings after a while. This leads me to the original point of my post.

I have thought of a great name and slogan for a restaurant. Ideally, it would be a small diner situated next to a thriving truckstop where all the road warriors go to stop and peel the squirrels off their tires from their long trip.

When you enter the establishment, you would hear this friendly slogan of greeting, issued by one of the employees, preferably delivered in a thick southern drawl.

"Larry's Roadside Diner: You kill 'em, we grill 'em! How can I be of service?"

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