Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Zipper

Since I didn't get in my first choice (Creative Writing Non-Fiction), I petitioned for and got in Creative Writing Poetry. This is the first poem I have written for the class so far this semester. Let's just say I had some inspiration to write this which was based "loosely" from a real life experience.

The Zipper

My zipper broke, it was so sad

I felt so helpless, so open

The timing of it all was bad

Standing in front of a toilet,

The zipper stuck, it would not budge

I forced it open, with a fret

No longer would the teeth line up

As much as I tried, no avail

It simply refused to go up

I jerked, I yanked, no luck

In came fellow eager pee-ers

Maybe their zippers won’t be stuck

While I squirm and pull, I can see

them staring at me, wondering

maybe There’s Something About Me

Little do they know, it’s not caught

like that, and to be honest, I

would prefer it to be open

for business than stuck in escrow

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