Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Need Money? Quit Your Job!

That's right! Not only am I saying something that you're probably scoffing at right now, I'm also boldly back on the blogging scene! I missed all you bloggers and blurkers so much that I just couldn't bear to be away any longer. Plus, I don't have anything better to do.

So about my absurd statement...I just quit my job at Home Depot this last Sunday. Today, I went to sign the last batch of paperwork and "cash out" for the ~10 hours of work from the previous week which I hadn't been paid for yet. As the manager was preparing the paperwork, I noticed an envelope on the table with my name on it, and a number written on the top right corner that was a lot bigger than 10 hours would warrant. I immediately figured my eyes were playing tricks on me and that the decimal point was just mocking me, but deep within myself the hopeful eyes inside my heart sproinged out of their sockets.

You know what they did?

They paid me for ALL of my unused sick/personal and vacation time. They gave me an official "cash voucher" that explained exactly what I was getting. I received payment for 9.5 hours of regular work, 30.01 hours of vacation time, and 8 hours of sick time. In other words, they paid me for 38 hours that I never even had to work. You know, there are a lot of things that I didn't like about working for Home Depot, but the benefits were never one of them. In fact, just one week ago, I finally got my tuition reimbursement that I had been waiting over a month for. I had been waiting eagerly for it to come, because I had told myself that once it came, I would quit. And I did.

But of course I wouldn't just quit my job for no good reason. In fact, for the last four weeks, I've been working at Oakley doing data entry as a pricing specialist in the sales department. My main duties include creating and maintaining pricing for all sorts of Oakley product for their consumers around the world. So far, the job is great. I work three days a week for a total of about 25 hours, they are completely flexible with my school and church schedules, and I have weekends off! What this all means is I now make more money at Oakley while working fewer hours, 2 less days, better hours, and in a nicer environment than Home Depot.

I can't say I'll miss Home Depot really, but it's only fitting to offer a final farewell to what has been my job for the last 15 months. So I guess I'll just have to throw in my favorite as well as my last Home Depot story, ever.

A few months back, while working at Returns, an Asian gentleman strolls in. He brings in a full box of 12 high theft tubes of building adhesive, which sell for over $25 each. I am immediately suspicious, but I still greet him like everyone else, though he does not return my greeting. I ask if he has a receipt, and he says "no, no receipt." I wasn't surprised. Most stores don't issue receipts for stolen goods.

Anyway, I enter in the items into the computer as having no receipt, therefore making them eligible for a store credit return only, as is the policy without a receipt. After that, I ask him for his ID, as we cannot issue store credit without a valid driver's license.

He hands me a Korean passport, complete with his name and picture on it, which does not qualify as a valid ID, because the driver's license number is actually the required piece of information on the ID - as it is used to track a customer's returns with no receipt.

While I am holding the Korean passport, he takes out a yellow piece of paper from his jacket, unfolds it, and hands it to me.

It is a Court Summons for a DUI, as well as an official revokal of his driver's license. It has his license number as well as his name on it, and he stands there, pointing expectantly, trying to get me to compare the name and face on his passport with his own face, and then compare the name on the DUI papers with the passport and use the suspended license number to issue his refund of over $300.

Shya. Right. So I tell him I'll be right back, and I go call the manager on duty: Dave. I tell him the story real quick over the phone, and he responds with "I've got warm fuzzy feelings about his guy already!" and comes over. Dave asks Mr. DUI where his ID is and where he originally bought the items he is trying to return, and suddenly he is unable to speak English. He stammers for a few seconds, looks around desperately, laughs nervously while trying to speak, while Dave is asking him a second and third time where he bought the merchandise. The man utters a few unintelligible words in English, and Dave responds by logging his return attempt into the computer, and tells the man that he will not be able to return these items at any Home Depot.

Good riddance to a stupid criminal.

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