Monday, December 31, 2007

How to win me over...

In response to Erica's latest blog with the same name, here's what she wrote. I suggest you read her blog first if you haven't already to get the background required to understand why we did this.

But in short, this is a cheat sheet of sorts that is meant to be given to someone that has the intention of trying to impress me, like on a first date. However, the trick is that all of the things listed are completely false. So here is how to win me over, by Erica Olson.


Oh, so you want to go out with Sean Reagan, huh? Well, you've come to the right place. I will help you win him over.

- First of all, make sure to wear lots of makeup, especially lipstick and lipgloss. He loves it.
- Ask him to watch Pride and Prejudice (any version) with you. Make sure that he stays awake the entire time. He doesn't want to miss a moment, it's his favorite movie.
- He really doesn't like sports, make sure to tell him that you have absolutely no interest in ever playing or watching any sort of sports game.
- He finds forgetfulness endearing.
- He really doesn't like joking around. It may seem like he's telling a joke, but he is completely serious. Make sure not to laugh.
- Do not bring up children, Sean does not want any.
- Suggest to go to a country music concert on your first date or, even better, a punk group.
- Bring him black licorice as a gift.
- Don't worry if you interrupt him or finish his sentences, he doesn't really mind.
- He loves to spend money for fun. Suggest activities that take money.
- He likes deep shoulder rubs. When rubbing his back go as hard as you can.
- His least favorite sport is basketball.
- One of his favorite shows is Desperate Housewives.
- He doesn't like talking about his day.

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