Sunday, May 30, 2004

Top Six Reasons Why It's Great To Be Out Of School

Finals are over, I sold my books back (for considerably less than what I paid for them mind you), and I'm ready to sit back and relax and enjoy summer. So to start it off, here are my top six reasons why it's great to be out of school for the summer:

6. No more pointless homework about what existential traits some character I don't want to read about shows in some story that doesn't make any sense to me.

5. No more waking up and hurrying to get to class on time only to discover that class has been cancelled and I have to wait for what seems like a few weeks for my next class to begin.

4. No more setting my alarm clock for 8:30 AM and pushing the snooze button 23 times, and then realizing that my class started 15 minutes ago yesterday, and rushing out the door in a half-awake stupor hoping that I remembered to put my pants on.

3. No more driving to and from school, because thanks to the rising cost of gas, that costs me roughly $573.24, each day.

2. No more having to pick off advertisements from my car window for some sleazy club run by people who obviously think that college is actually a place where young adults come to learn how to chug a keg.

1. No more lectures about something. I forget what. I think I fell asleep.

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