Saturday, June 12, 2004

Common Sense? What's That?

2 things struck me as humorous at work today.

The first happened when some "Macho Man" with his big Ford F-350 Diesel Truck which happened to be raised up by about 20 feet or so and which I'm sure costs about $400 to refuel and which probably gets about 10 gallons to the mile pulled up to the order box. But it's all worth it because it makes him look cool, right? Even though he probably has to take turns at 1 MPH or less to avoid tipping over and he has to constantly swerve to avoid hitting birds and he needs binoculars just to see down to the street below him and he has to leave his window closed to keep the clouds out.

Anyway, he pulls up to the order box with his big diesel engine roaring to the point where I can barely hear what he is saying. Fortunately, I wasn't taking the order, my manager Miguel was. So throughout the conversation, this meathead is trying to give his order, and whenever Miguel tried to read back the order or ask him if he heard him correctly or whatever, the guy kept saying things like, "What?" "I can't hear you" "I can barely hear you" "Huh?". Finally, he must have put two and two together, because he turned off his engine. Eventually, things were straightened out, and he came up to the window.

When he got to the window, of course his engine is back on, and does he turn it off? Of course not. My favorite part of this whole story was:

As soon as he gets to the window, he looks at me and yells over his engine, "I could barely hear you!" And I smirk, and yell back, "I wonder why?" and point at his engine. It was as if he thought that it was our fault that he couldn't hear what we were saying to him. Even after he left, I still don't think he realized that it was his engine that was making it hard to hear anything. Maybe I shouldn't have been so subtle. Maybe I should have said, "I realize that the fumes coming out of your diesel engine may be giving you permanent brain damage, but I think this concept is simple enough for even you to understand: Your engine is loud. Therefore neither you nor I can hear very well. Solution: Turn the damn thing off!"

This next one just cracks me up. A lady and some other people came up to the order box around 7 pm or so. Now, I don't know who all was in the car because...

They came up to the order box and the driver said the following to the passenger(s):

"What do you want? You don't want anything? Me neither."

And they backed out of the drive thru.


Do people not use their brains anymore or what? Gee, lets go to Taco Bell, though I don't know why since I'm not hungry and neither is anyone else in the car, but that's OK, at least it's something to do. I mean how pathetic is that? Are people so lazy today that they see a fast food restaurant during the dinner hours and they immediately start to pull into it without thinking or even asking the other people in the car if they want anything? It's called common sense, and it seems that it's in short supply nowadays. If you are not hungry, and neither is anyone else in your car, then why would you go somewhere that serves food?!?

Maybe someday I'll be cool enough to drive a truck that has its own time zone or go to fast food restaurants and not order anything. Hey, maybe I should write a dieting book. It'll be entitled, "How to Back Your Way Out of a Meal"

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