Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Hai, Wellcum Too Tako Bel.

As usual, I'm taking drive thru orders at the window earlier tonight, and some lady comes up to the order box, and says:

"I want 2 bean burritos...bean..." (She really accentuated the word "bean" on the second time)

She then proceeds to spell it out for make sure I don't think she is saying a beef burrito, because bean and beef sound remarkably the same over the intercom...

So here's the whole conversation now that you know what is going on:

"I want 2 bean burritos...bean, B...E...N. Bean burritos. 1 with extra onions."

I wasn't aware that we served "Ben" burritos, but I guess spelling is hard for some people. Especially with the extremely complicated vocabulary which is commonly associated with placing an order at a fast food restaurant. So I cut her some slack. And I made sure she got her two beef burritos, one with no onions.

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