Sunday, July 25, 2004

Taco Bell Awards

I think it's about time that I start recognizing some of the customers who have made my day by coming to my work and making me laugh...though usually they don't know it because I usually am the one laughing at them when they can't see me. Sneaky sneaky!

Here we go, the first ever Taco Bell Awards:

Winner of the award for the "Question That Should Never Have Been Asked":

Taco Bell Recorded Message: Hi, can we make you a new 1/2 pound Beef and Potato Burrito today?

Guy at the Order Menu: Is that the burrito with the beef and potatoes in it?

Me: Yeahhhhhh...(trying to keep from laughing) (I was tempted to say "Yeah, hence the name "Beef and Potato Burrito", but I decided not to)

Guy at the Order Menu: (Completely oblivious to the fact that he just asked what was quite possibly the stupidest question ever) Ok, I'll take one of those.

Winner of the award for the "Person Who Can't Grasp A Simple Concept":

Customer: I'd like a number one.
(A number one has a burrito supreme, a taco supreme, and a large drink)
Me: Ok, one number one, what kind of drink?
Customer: I don't need a drink.
Me: Oooookk, so you just want a burrito supreme and a taco supreme?
Customer: No, I want a number one: The burrito supreme and the taco supreme, without a drink.
Me: Ok, one burrito supreme and one taco supreme, $3.00 at the first window, thank you.

Winner of the award for the "Person Who Thinks I Can Read His Mind":

Customer: (Orders some food...) ...and a large drink.
Me: Any kind in particular?
Thaddus: (my manager, who happened to be standing a couple feet away) *Starts laughing*
Customer: Umm, I'll take a Dr. Pepper.
Thaddus: *Continues to laugh even harder*
Me: *Trying to keep from bursting into laughter* Ok, anything else?
Customer: No, that's all
Thaddus: *Still laughing...he lowers his head to try and regain his composure, but it doesn't work*
Me: That'll be $$$ at the second window.
Thaddus: *Walks away into the office, still laughing*

That one makes me laugh just thinking about it because Thaddus doesn't laugh too easily, but my innocently sarcastic question really cracked him up.

Winners of the award for the "Customers Who Don't Believe In Making Good First Impressions":

Taco Bell Recorded Message: Hi, can we make you a new 1/2 pound Beef and Potato Burrito today?

Actual Customers Responses:
  • What did you say?
  • A Beef and Potato Burrito? Hmm, is it any good? (My responses range from "It's breathtaking" to "Yes, it is" which usually elicits a response like "You're not lying to me are you?")
  • A WHAT!?!??
  • Hell no!
  • No thanks, it's not good for you.

I wish I could remember some of the gems from some of my earlier years working at the bell. Those four are recent ones that have stuck out in my mind as being funny for me to witness first-hand. I'd write more, but my miniature rubber chicken that is perched atop one of my speakers is looking at me suspiciously. I think he's up to something fowl.

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