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Last Tuesday, my two plays that I wrote were acted out in front of my creative writing class. "Meet the Blogs", and "Adolescence". I have never heard my teacher laugh so hard during the entire semester as she did when "Meet the Blogs" was read and acted out by a few of the students. She was laughing uncontrollably during a few parts. She said that she loved the Volkswheel part, and she really cracked up at the "stoned" part. Gee, I wonder why? At the end of the Blog play, the whole class let out a long, "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww".

The entire class really enjoyed both plays, and I had several students come up to me during the break and after class to say how much they enjoyed them and how good they were and how funny they were. One of the girls who acted out the Blog play told me how easy it was to read.

So, before I say anything more about my second play, Adolescence, here it is.


While walking around the grounds of a local middle school, three friends are talking. Fred, Billy, and Wayne have known each other since elementary school, and have hung out with each other nearly everyday for the last several years. They are still at that tender age where they are trying to figure out how to be cool and accepted by others, especially girls, yet, like most teenagers, they don’t have the slightest clue about how to be “cool”.

Billy: So…what did you end up doing with all those goose feathers?
Wayne: We chased down that Johnson kid when he was riding his bike home and glued them on him.
Fred: Stupid nerd. He got what was coming to him...Always wearing those stupid glasses.
Wayne: Yeah seriously, we should have made him eat the feathers instead.
Billy: Why do you guys always pick on little kids like that? What did he ever do to you?
Fred: He breathes my air, doofus. I don’t share my air with nerds.
Wayne: Yeah, he’s a little punk, he wouldn’t let me copy his homework today, so Mrs. Bungmeyer sent me to detention for not turning in my 17th straight assignment.
Fred: And I saw him eating an apple the other day. An apple! Give me a break, I’m surprised his mom doesn’t follow him around school so she can change his diaper too.
Billy: What’s wrong with apples?
Fred: Apples are fruit. Fruit is nerd food. If you eat apples, you are a nerd. Do I need to draw you a diagram?
Wayne: Hey look, there’s Donna!
Fred: Oooooh, she’s wearing that red shirt again.
Wayne: Are you ever going to ask her out?
Fred: Oh come on Wayne, she isn’t the type of girl you just ask out.
Billy: What do you do then? Wait for her to ask you out?
Fred: No dingwad, if I just went up and asked her, she would probably say no. She doesn’t know me well enough to understand the Fred Charm.
Billy: The Fred Charm? Are you kidding?
Fred: What Billy? You think you can get a date with her?
Wayne: Billy couldn’t get a date with a calendar.
Fred: Haha, burn!!! High five!
Wayne: Shya!

Billy: You guys don’t think I could get a date with Donna?
Fred: Billy, let’s put it this way. Donna is a majestic blue ocean, and you’re pond scum left over from a rainy day.
Wayne: Whoa Fred, where’d you come up with that gem?
Fred: It’s the Fred Charm baby. Whenever it kicks in, it makes my vocabulary…bigger…by…a lot.
Billy: Uh huh…
Fred: What’s your problem Billy? Just because I’m a super stud doesn’t mean you have to be jealous.
Billy: How can you be a super stud if you’re too much of a pansy to ask out Donna?
Fred: Who’re you calling a pansy? You’re just a stupid dinglewuss know-nothing.
Wayne: Hey now, let’s keep the profanity down to a minimum here guys, no need to get all excited over nothing?
Fred: Billy’s dissin’ my manhood dude, he called me a pansy.
Billy: Oh get over it Fred, Donna doesn’t want to date a crybaby.
Fred: Don’t make me beat the snot out of you Billy. You know I can too.
Wayne: Come on Fred, anyone can beat up Billy. He’s half the size of anyone in sixth grade. Even the girls push him around sometimes.
Billy: Can we just drop it and move on?
Fred: Once you say that I am a super stud.
Billy: (sarcastically) You’re a super stud.
Fred: You didn’t mean that!!! Say it like you mean it, or I’ll give you a dreaded Rear Admiral.
Wayne: *gasps*
Billy: You wouldn’t dare.
Fred: I’ll do it if you don’t say it.
Billy: Y-Y-You’re a s-super s-s-stud.
Fred: Scream it at the top of your lungs.
Wayne: Fred! Donna looked over!
Fred: Oh crap, act cool, act cool. Be calm…
Wayne: Dude, she’s coming over here.
Billy: What’s the matter super stud? Got your panties in a bunch?
Fred: Shut up, durfwad.

Donna: Hey guys, what’s up?
Wayne: Hey.
Billy: Hi.
Fred: H-H-Hiiiiiii…
Donna: *looks at Billy* So, I hear you’re a super stud.
Billy: Wha? I…uhh…
Fred: NOO!! I’m the super stu…I mean, uhh, hi, my name’s Fred.
Donna: *keeps looking at Billy* Uh huh. So, what’s your name?
Billy: Billy.
Donna: Billy? I like that name. I’m Donna.
Billy: That’s a nice name too.
Donna: Thanks! You’re so sweet.
Billy: I, uhh, like your shirt too.
Donna: Do you?!?! Red is my favorite color! Say, do you want to come over to my house after school and hang out for a while maybe?
Billy: Sure, that would be cool.
Donna: Ok great, I’ll meet you outside in the amphitheater after lunch.
Billy: Ok…bye.
Donna: Bye bye Billy. *leaves*
Fred: *mumbling* You piece of monkey puke…
Wayne: Way to go Billy!!!
Fred: …kill you and your stupid name…
Billy: Thanks Wayne, I can’t believe that just happened!
Fred: …rip off your arm and shove it…
Wayne: So what do you think you’ll do at her house?
Fred: …twist it so far you’ll have to have it surgically removed…
Billy: I dunno, maybe watch a movie, go get something to eat.
Fred: …never walk the same way again…
Wayne: That’s so cool dude!
Fred: …dogs will look at you and run away whimpering…
Wayne: Fred! What are you mumbling about?
Fred: Oh, nothing.

Billy: He’s just jealous. Don’t mind him.
Fred: Shut up turdmeister.
Wayne: Billy and Donna sittin’ in a tree…
Fred: Shut up dorkwang.
Billy: Well, looks like I’d better get ready to go on my DATE with DONNA.
Fred: I’m gonna beat you so hard…
Wayne: Ok, bye Billy, have fun man.
Billy: See ya Wayne, farewell Fred. Don’t wait up. *leaves*
Wayne: Don’t worry Fred, there will be plenty of other girls for you. You’re only 13.
Fred: Only 13? You mean, I’m already 13 and I haven’t even had a girlfriend yet!
Wayne: I’m 14, and I haven’t had a girlfriend.
Fred: Yeah, but I’m a super stud, and it’s different, and…*trails off*
Wayne: Life goes on Fred.
Fred: But why does my life always have to suck though? I hate being a teenager.

My class actually liked this one more than I expected. I wrote this play rather quickly. I basically just came up with an idea and started writing, and in less than a couple of hours, I was finished.

They really laughed at the whole "apples are nerd fruit" part, Fred's uncharacteristic metaphor, and Fred's mumbling. When Donna ended up ignoring Fred and going for Billy, a few girls in the class gasped and got all excited. And at the end of the class, if you remember my blog about the comments I got from my Darkside short story, the "Flaming Cross" guy stood up and said, "Sean is busting out this drama stuff...A+ for that man!"

I guess you could say...

*In a Garth voice* "I like to write."

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