Sunday, July 01, 2007


Thanks to Aaron, I have something to write about. But I'll be darned if I'm gonna go and play blogtag with other people. Especially if there are tagbacks. Besides, I'm sure between Aaron, Grace, and Erica, most of the people I know have already been tagged.

-Post eight random facts/habits about yourself.

1. I have 47 icons in my room (not including crosses, pins, the church calendar, and pictures of Patmos...diptychs and triptychs count as one).

2. I am currently reading two books (The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett, and On the Divine Liturgy by St. Germanus of Constantinople), and I have 7 books waiting on my dresser to be read (6 Terry Pratchett books and 1 Dean Koontz book). Can you tell I'm in a reading mood this summer?

3. I often fall asleep on top of my covers, with at least one light on in my room. I get a special bonus prize from my mom if I leave the TV on (and blaring at volume 20+, mind you). She loves it!

...this particular prize appears to be a boney fist n' jaw sandwich.

I think my all-time conk-out record is three lights, the TV, and a book open on the bed, all while still fully clothed.

4. I can juggle. And make weird snapping noises with my ears and fingers.

5. I got a new job as an accounting assistant at an advertising business that is about one minute's driving distance from my house, give or take 5 seconds.

6. I wore one black sock and one white sock yesterday.

7. One of my favorite snacks is a bowl full of various berries (straw, blue, rasp, black, etc...) and grape tomatoes. Also, if there are cherries in the house, I will turn into a veritable semi-automatic seed rifle.

8. I think Harry Potter is going to die in the 7th book.

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