Sunday, September 16, 2007

Religious Operation

I thought I'd share a tidbit of conversation I heard at work a few weeks ago. A guy (whom I will refer to as "Chuck") and a girl (whom I will refer to as "Ginger") who sit in adjacent cubicles to me and who typically jabber back and forth to the point where my ears actually fold in on themselves and retract back into my head through a process I don't even want to understand - were shooting the bullet-ridden breeze.

I was busy working, minding my boss' business, when my curious ears must have crept out in their own accord (lousy ears drive a better car than I do) because they caught a few words that made them floor the pedal in haste to reach the headcliff of attentiveness.

Basically, the conversation went like this:

Ginger: "I found a new church."

Chuck: "Oh yeah? What is it?"

Ginger: "It's called the eppis coh pull* church."

*pronounced eppis (like epic with a "s" instead of a "c"), coh (like "co" from the word "code"), pull (like "pull" from the word "pull")

Chuck: "You mean Episcopal?"

Ginger: "Is that how you say it?"

Chuck: (laughs) "You're going there and you don't even know how to pronounce it?"

Ginger: "Well, I don't know. I guess eppis coh pull sounds like a doctor 'Nurse, please pass the eppis coh pull."


Chuck: "Why'd you leave your old church?"

Ginger: "Well, I feel like I have to put on make-up to go to church when I don't normally wear make-up - it just seemed too 'OC'. That's why I started going to the 'Episcopal' church."

I don't think any further comment is needed, except...

God Bless the Orthodox Church!

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